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Reference Welding System

Welding Toys

Inseperable connection between head and headpiece
PLAYMOBIL® With their iconic smiles and varied outfits, Playmobil figures entertain and fascinate children around the world. Child safety is obviously an extremely important factor here. To secure the requisite safety, the headpieces of the infant series 1.2.3. are therefore welded onto the figures’ small heads using ultrasound. The manufacturer relies on tailor-made ultrasonic welding units.

Fully automative welding of various headpieces for children´s toys in a 6-second cycle

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Fully automated welding, testing, marking and sorting

Due to the high safety requirements, the individual parts must not only be reliably welded, but also tested, marked and sorted. This is realized on the basis of the modular welding system SAPHIR. The system has a groundbreaking generator and control system concept that allows seamless capture, monitoring and documentation of the process parameters. Additional functions and processes can also be integrated.

At PLAYMOBIL®, the systems have integrated safety functions, mechanical quality control by means of a tension test and height control, plus product marking and sorting.

The »Time«, »Energy«, »Absolute Distance« and »Relative Distance« operating modes are stored in the control system, allowing new welding programmes to be parametrised both quickly and easily.

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Ultrasonic Welding

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