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Welding with ultrasound

The Perfect Bond

Custom Solutions for Ultrasonic Welding
Ultrasonic welding, the intelligent, Industry 4.0-ready joining technology, has established itself in modern production. There are many good reasons for that: This sustainable and clean technology requires no additional materials (adhesives) or expensive time-consuming processes such as pre-treatment and drying.

The wide range of applications and industries spans from automotive to packaging.Thanks to the especially short cycle times, you can achieve greater output of parts with ideal joints satisfying the highest quality requirements. Continuous welding in endless operations permits uninterrupted weld seams. Both process variations can be efficiently combined with the cutting and sealing of edges.

Requirements for complex production processes are growing
Besides process reliability, welding speed and reproducibility of results, ultrasonic welding technology delivers another big advantage. Due to its flexibility, this technology can be perfectly tuned to your specific requirements.

Did this catch your interest? Discover our industry solutions and products and how ultrasound can benefit you.


  • Short cycle times
  • Faster process times
  • Industry 4.0-capable
  • Perfect integration in existing systems
  • High process reliability
  • High-quality results
  • Heat and vibration-resistant bonds
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Low energy consumption
Brochure Welding

Absolutely reliable: Ultrasonic welding of plastic toys

Unseparable material connections

Safety requirements for welded joints in toys – 100 percent control, complete process documentation and excellent tensile strength – are higher than in any other industry. Swallowing of small parts can be life-threatening for children. In cooperation with one of the largest toy manufacturers in Germany, we developed an intelligent Industry 4.0-ready ultrasonic welding solution based on our modular SAPHIR welding system. In addition to the above-mentioned safety functions, the system is equipped with integrated parts handling equipment, mechanical quality control, height checks, product marking and a sorting function with a throughput of more than 600 parts per hour.

More information here:

Saphir System


Continuous welding: Clean, fast, reliable

Continuous welding of web materials at more than 400 m per minute is a reality in many applications thanks to ultrasonic solutions from Weber Ultrasonics. But speed is not everything. Thanks to the highest level of process reliability and compatibility with Industry 4.0, customeroriented solutions are created that are perfectly integrated in highly automated production processes.

Continuous welding with ultrasound guarantees soft and flexible surfaces, as no radiant heat that causes hardening occurs during welding. The energy is used precisely and in a targeted manner so that web materials do not become warped. Cross seams required for hygiene products are implemented perfectly thanks to this precision. What‘s more, temperatures remain low despite long process times. Unlike thermal procedures in which the tools are permanently heated, there is no risk of fire.

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Competence Center for Ultrasound

From A to Z

For demanding tasks, you can put your trust in our full service from the start of project planning right through to implementation in the production cycle.
Our experts are able to convert even the most demanding applications into technical solutions. In our application center, we integrate, test and optimize your customized solution in a flexible, intelligent machine concept consisting of high-quality ultrasonic and machine components.

This way you can be sure that the ultrasonic system meets your quality and quantity requirements and fits perfectly into your production.


Bonding Technology for any Application

The number of applications is enormous, from toys and packaging to ventilation registers. Welding with ultrasound is one of the most precise and efficient solutions in plastics processing. This technology has a multitude of uses which can be divided into specific application fields.



Ultrasonic seaming, a special type of ultrasonic riveting, allows the economically efficient bonding of non-plastic materials with plastics. The processing times are comparable to those of ultrasonic riveting.



In ultrasonic embedding, a resonating metal insert is pressed into a plastic component . This process is used to embed threaded inserts, metal pins and similar parts in thermoplastics.

Cycled Welding

Cycled Welding

Ultrasound technology is perfectly suited to cycled welding as it ensures top process reliability and reproducible results. Furthermore, the application can be efficiently paired with simultaneous ultrasonic cutting.

Continuous Welding

Continuous Welding

Welding with ultrasound is particularly impressive for its process reliability even in continuous operation. The low-maintenance technology ensures consistent welding joints without interruption and permits efficient connection with processes for cutting and sealing edges. Examples of possible application fields include textiles such as non-wovens, packaging of polymer film or construction products such as roof underlays of fleece.



Ultrasonic laminating impressively bonds materials with different melting points. The process is especially efficient and environmentally friendly as no adhesives are required. Moreover, the laminating process reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation in hygiene products.



Ultrasonic riveting is a melting deformation process in which only one of the two pieces to be joined is plasticized. As the melted rivet head cools under the pressure of the riveting tool, the resulting connections are tight, with no gaps or room for play. Any springback effects can be ruled out.



Perforating with ultrasound is extremely precise. Unlike a heat perforation process, the ultrasonic pinhole perforation of the material does not use as much energy and heat. The lack of extensive heat exposure has positive effects for the edges in that the materials remain soft and melting threads are prevented.



Ultrasonic embossing is used primarily in the textile industry to apply logos and text onto clothing and fabrics. The automotive industry also uses ultrasound to emboss synthetic leathers in car interiors.



Ultrasonic swaging allows thermoplastics to be joined to non-thermoplastic materials and materials with different melting points. Typical application examples include polyethylene films, fleece, woven and nonwoven fabrics.


The automotive industry relies on ultrasound solutions in the production of windshield wiper motors, injection modules, gas tank ventilation valves, air and fuel filters, alternator regulators, small parts in door panels and ventilation grills and sound system speakers. tets

Electric Products

Wherever the precisely manufactured components are involved, ultrasound technology is right at home. In electronics and electrical engineering, the technology is used in illumination, remote controls, audio system components, speakers, safety technology, sensors and office items such as ink cartridges. tets


Precise processing is called for in the manufacturing of air and fluid filters. With our ultrasound solutions, highly varied filter materials can be precisely joined and their edges sealed in the same process step. tets

Household Goods/Appliances

Modern design meets up with technical function in the segment of household goods or appliances. Our ultrasound solutions are ideal for fitting parts to irons, washing machines or electronic toothbrushes or firmly joining them to other parts. tets

Hygiene Products

Our ultrasound technology is used to weld seams and make lint-free cuts on personal hygiene products such as diapers and sanitary pads. Both operations ensure comfort and reliability of the products. tets

Medical Technology
/Pharmaceutical Industry

The tiniest details matter in the manufacturing of medical devices and products for the pharmaceutical industry. With our ultrasonic welding solutions, you’ll be on the safe side in the production of precisely shaped consumable materials such as filters, syringes and infusion sets. tets


The application areas and production technologies for nonwovens are greatly varied. Diapers and wound dressings, roof underlays and agricultural textiles make up the product palette whose materials can be economically and reliably laminated, embossed, welded and cut with ultrasound. tets


In contrast to other products, the mechanical stress and strain on toys can hardly be predicted. Welding with ultrasound ensures particularly strong bonds, which meet the strict safety requirements for children’s toys. Beyond that, manufacturers and consumers benefit from an additional advantage of the technology. Welded toys need no adhesives, which may contain potentially hazardous additives. tets


Precisely fitting, permanently bonded components are essential in the manufacturing of modern communication devices. Our ultrasonic solutions are therefore used in the production of cell phone cases, displays, batteries, antennas and speakers. tets

Textile Industry

Our innovative ultrasound technology ensures fast and reliable welding of a wide variety of materials including woven fabrics, Hook-and Loop fasteners, Velcro, clothing labels, filters, eye pads and nursing pads. tets

Packaging Industry

The increasing presence of plastics and composites in packaging has put ultrasound technology in high demand. Our innovative ultrasonic solutions are used to seal blister packs, standup pouches and cups as well as cups tubs and beverage cartons. Other special applications also rely on our technology. tets

The Technology

The Process in Detail
The ultrasound converter converts the electrical signal from the generator into mechanical vibrations. They, in turn, are directed to the workpiece to be welded via the booster and the sonotrode under a specific pressure.

The mechanical vibrations generate frictional heat at the defined joints of the workpiece which causes the material to melt and bonds the parts together.

During a brief cooling phase, a clamping force is applied to fuse the plasticized material. The pieces welded together with ultrasonic energy are immediately available for further processing.

Depending on the application, the sonotrodes can weld vertically, horizontally and continuously.


The ultrasound converter or transducer efficiently converts the high-frequency electrical signal from the generator into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency.


The booster increases or decreases the amplitude of the mechanical vibrations provided by the converter.


The sonotrode, which is designed with the Finite Element Methode (FEM) and manufactured according to customer specifications, delivers the high-frequency mechanical vibrations to the workpiece to be welded.

For the Best Bonds – Ultrasonic Welding with Weber Ultrasonics

Weber Ultrasonics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of solutions and components for industrial uses of ultrasound. With your specific requirements in mind, we offer you an extensive product range from turnkey ultrasonic systems to individual machines and components for ultrasonic welding.

Ultrasonic competence and application know-how
We have gained valuable industry know-how in cooperation with numerous plant engineers and technology leaders. This highly valuable feedback goes directly into the development of our products. You benefit too as we support you in the development of customized solutions for your applications.

Products that plan ahead: Thinking Solutions 4.0
We never stop working on new solutions and thinking about potential applications for ultrasound. Our modular SAPHIR welding system is customized to satisfy your requirements It is equipped with many interface options and is prepared for trouble-free integration in your existing systems. With the help of our extensive software solution, you can manage, monitor and document complex welding processes.

Have we peaked your curiosity? We invite you to discover your advantage from our industry proven solutions and products. Please get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you.

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