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Welding Face masks with Ultrasound

Quality and Expertise

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Quality is worth the investment
In the production of face masks made from thermoplastic materials, processing with ultrasound scores highly in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and quality. Excellent system reliability, perfectly hygienic tools, and long-lasting material bonds are the prerequisite for producing high-grade products.

Soft and long-lasting
Great seam strength, smooth edges with no distortion, and the ability to weld even elastic materials with ease – that’s what ultrasound stands for. The fabric retains its soft, wearable structure, which is necessary especially in sensitive areas like the face.

Productive and efficient
With large quantities especially, welding with ultrasound enables bonds that satisfy the highest quality standards. Our welding technology is Industry 4.0-compatible and can be optimally integrated into automated production lines, whether as components, manual workstations, or separate, fully automated production systems.

Benefits of Ultrasonic welding

  • Hygienic, high-grade end products
  • Great seam strength, smooth edges with no distortion
  • Soft, wearable structure
  • Industry 4.0-compatible
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Faster processing times
  • Perfect system integrability
  • High process reliability
  • Particularly energy efficient
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System components

Quality is worth the investment

All components of the ultrasonic system, such as generators, boosters, and converters in various versions, as well as customer-specific and product-specific welding sonotrodes are optimally tailored to each other for the best welding results and a long service life.

For welding face masks, sonotrodes are exclusively produced from high-grade, non-corrosive titanium and developed using the finite elements method.


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Consulting & Engineering

We know, we do

We advise you on integrating our components into existing or new production lines. Our application experts enable fast and qualified inspection and optimization of existing ultrasonic welding units of all brands.

Development, construction, laboratory tests, tool design and manufacture, pilot series and series production round out our portfolio.


Welding with Ultrasound

The perfect Bond