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Cutting with Ultrasound

The Ultimate Cut

The trendsetting cutting technology
In many industries intelligent ultrasonic cutting established itself as the preferred method for clean and fast separation without any waste. Scoring or cutting of food items like dough, cheese and meat, or separating of materials like fleece, carpet, foam, rubber, light-weight materials, foil, or textiles without fraying or unraveling, the Industry 4.0-ready ultrasonic technology is the right tool for you. This process provides another advantage: The combination of cutting and welding seals the edges in the same process step.

Broad range of applications
Process safety, reproducible results, and time savings gained by the speed of the process are only some of the advantages you can gain by employing ultrasonic technology. Depending on your individual requirements we offer vertical or horizontal cutting solutions which can be realized as continuous cut or in a cycle mode.

Did we raise your curiosity? Explore our industry solutions and products and see the benefits you can gain by employing ultrasound.


  • Precise separation with almost no loss of material
  • Cutting of frozen goods
  • No fraying on edges
  • High degree of process safety
  • Reproducible results
  • Cutting cycles or continuous cutting possible
  • Little tool wear
  • Simultaneous cutting and sealing possible

Fast & clean food cutting

Cutting systems by Weber Ultrasonics are specifically tuned to the individual characteristics and consistency of the material, e.g. cheese, lunch meat or dough. Even warm, fresh, sticky or frozen food can be separated, scored or cut in smaller pieces with ultrasound. Your hugh advantage: The need to stop at the blade can be almost completely eliminated with the use of ultrasound which keeps the edges especially clean.

Durable, low in maintenance and flexible
Compared to mechanical blades, cutting Sonotrodes stay sharp longer and require much less maintenance. In conjunction with our flange converters, a tool change with cutting Sonotrodes is a breeze. This is how Weber Ultrasonics keeps your production going.

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Innovative & reliable: Composite cutting

Ultrasonics have proven themselves numerous times to be the separation method for many different materials. And now our engineers have extended the range of applications to include composite materials. Possibilities in the manufacturing industries increase exponentially with the use of composite materials but at the same time, their characteristics often pose big processing challenges. Where conventional methods of separation reach their limits, ultrasonic technology achieves high scores.

Innovative materials require innovative tools.
Specially manufactured milling and cutting Sonotrodes by Weber Ultrasonics allow for continuous cutting as well as the processing of large plates or formed work pieces.

Brochure Composite Cutting

Precise & efficient: Plastic Cutting

Automotive accessories, rubber parts or foils, our ultrasonic solutions simplify the cutting of shapes and bonding of plastics immensely. We can provide the right solution for your individual task as well. Compared to other separation processes ultrasonics stand out with high process speeds and immaculate cutting edges which can be sealed in the same process step.

The right cut for all types of plastic
Especially impressive is the broad range of plastics which can be processed with our technology. From delicate foils with the smallest thickness, over highly elastic materials which require extremely sharp knifes, to hard and brittle materials.


To reduce weight, and therefore fuel consumption, plastic components are widely used in the automotive industry. With our ultrasonic cutting solutions, fleece materials for covers or upholstery can be cut and sealed fast and precisely. tets


Precise processing is extremely important in the production of air and fluid filters. With our ultrasonic solutions a large variety of filter materials can be cut to their precise dimensions. Further, the cutting edges can be sealed in the same process. tets

Hygiene Products

In the production of diapers and feminine hygiene products our customers utilize ultrasonic technology for the bonding of seams as well as fray-free trimming. These factors are important to guarantee leak-free comfort of the products. tets

Food Industry

Ultrasonic technology is especially suited for cutting in the food industry and advanced to common component of this industry. The cutting system can be precisely tuned to match the characteristics and consistency of your product, e.g. cheese, lunch meat or dough. Even warm, fresh, sticky or frozen food can be cut effortlessly with ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound almost completely prevents sticking of food to the cutting blades leading to especially clean cutting edges. Compared to mechanical blades, cutting Sonotrodes stay sharp longer and therefore require less maintenance. tets

Medical Technology/
Pharmaceutical Industry

The smallest details matter in the manufacturing of products for medical devices or the pharma industry. Our ultrasonic cutting solutions let you confidently manufacture precisely formed hygiene and consume articles. tets

Textile Industry

Ultrasonic technology in the textile industry is well suited for welding and sealing of materials as well as for trimming without fraying on the borders. Typical products and materials are Velcro, fleece or carpet. tets

The right blade to make the cut – Cutting Sonotrodes

We always manufacture our Sonotrodes specifically for each customer and product employing FEM in the design process. Even complex shapes and punches can be designed this way. Based on the individual requirements, high-end materials like Titanium, Aluminum alloys and sintered steel will be used. Speer tips, sickle blades, punches or cross Sonotrodes – we manufacture the blade with the right shape for each application. All of our Sonotrodes shine with their outstanding cutting depth giving you the right tool to cut towering cakes, bread or cheese wheels as well as other voluminous materials in one pass.

Cross-Sonotrode for piercing
We developed the Cross-Sonotrode to achieve cross cuts in one process step resulting in faster cycle times and higher precision.

Knife Sonotrodes
The Lambda1 cutting Sonotrode with reduced node point allows the cutting of tall products. All Sonotrodes for food processing conform to EG Regulation EG1935/2004.

Sickle Blade
Speer tips and sickle blades are being used for the continuous cutting or scoring of foils and dough.

For Exact Cuts & Best Results

Weber Ultrasonics belongs to the world-wide leading suppliers of ultrasonic solutions and components for industrial use. We offer an extensive product portfolio of generators, boosters, converters, and sonotrodes for cutting with ultrasonics tuned to your individual requirements.

We are cooperating with more than 50 system manufacturers and technology leaders in wide range of industries, and incorporate their feedback into the development of our products. This is how we gathered valuable industry know-how and why we can say with confidence that we are able to support you in the development of your individual and tailored solutions.

System Integration, the Key to Success
Our experienced and competent solution engineers have successfully completed over 2000 projects. That gives us the confidence that a thorough development phase, combined with extensive testing in our application center, guarantee solutions which integrate perfectly into our customers’ process chain.

Products which think ahead: Thinking Solutions 4.0
We are ceaselessly working on new solutions and expanding the range of ultrasonic applications. One of our newest innovations is the ultrasonic cutting system SonoTrans, a joint development with Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme.
The SonoTrans is able to cut demanding composite materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, stacks and honeycomb structures cleanly and fast.
Did we raise your curiosity? Explore the benefits you can have with our solutions and products. We are looking forward to developing the right solution together with you.

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Defined border – better edges

Rubber, plastics or butter cream – almost any material can be separated efficiently with ultrasonics. Ultrasonic cutting already offers a solution for most tasks. This technology can be used in many different applications and can be separated into different application fields.

Cyclic cutting

Cyclic cutting

Process safety and reproducible results are extremely important for cyclic cutting. Innovative ultrasonic technology meets these requirements and provides convincing results with especially precise material separation and high process speeds.

Continuous Cutting

Continuous Cutting

Continuous ultrasonic cutting, e.g. with a Roll-Sonotrode is ideal for the border cutting of long fabric tolls. The simultaneous bonding of seams or the sealing of edges makes this process especially efficient. Further, ultrasonics offer the required reliability and process safety for endless operation.



This process allows to focus the energy on defined areas which leads to precise perforating without introducing heat to large areas of material. This provides a positive effect on the borders of the perforation and avoids hardening of soft materials and welding strings.

Combined Cutting and Welding

Combined Cutting and Welding

Ultrasonic technology shows its strength when cutting and welding simultaneously. It produces not only high-strength seams with minimal overlap but also allows for the cutting of edges and sealing of borders in the same process to prevent fraying.



Ultrasonic stamping is similar to ultrasonic cutting. Stamping edges are being plastified as well. However, while there is no fixed and predefined outline in cutting, for ultrasonic stamping the shape is defined by the tool.