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Im Hinteracker 7
76307 Karlsbad, Germany

T +49 7248 9207-0
F +49 7248 9207-11

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Weber Ultrasonics worldwide

Global player, local support

Ultrasound competence at your side
Weber Ultrasonics researches, develops and produces in Germany. This is how we meet our high demands on innovative and powerful ultrasonic solutions. In order to guarantee this quality even when individual requirements and site-specific circumstances vary greatly, we offer our international customers local contacts. With locations in the USA, Malaysia and Shanghai and our international integration partner network, direct contacts and consultants are available directly on site. They know the local challenges, can individually configure solutions and enable the testing of concrete ultrasonic applications in customer proximity.
With this international commitment, we enable our customers to achieve perfect results anywhere in the world.

Weber Ultrasonics worldwide

  • Worldwide availability of our innovative ultrasonic technology
  • Fulfilling international requirements & highest quality standards
  • Experts, know-how and technology close to the customer
  • Partner & consultant for best ultrasonic solutions



Weber Ultrasonics AG

Im Hinteracker 7
76307 Karlsbad, Germany

T +49 7248 9207-0
F +49 7248 9207-11

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North America

Weber Ultrasonics America LLC

P.O. Box 840
MI 48347-0840,

T +1 248 620 5142
F +1 248 620 5143

Managing Director:
Britt Diver

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Asia China

Weber Ultrasonics Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Unit 510, Building 1,
No. 26 Qiuyue Road,
Pudong District, Shanghai

T +86 (0)21-5890 1886
M +86 150131 88088

Managing Director:
SL Chong

Let´s do it together

Weber Ultrasonics Integration Partners

Think global, act local
The Weber Integration Partners are selected international machine builders with a high level of application expertise in the use and integration of our ultrasonic components and solutions.


Your Benefits

  • Experts with superior understanding of the applications
  • Local presence
  • Advanced support and expertise
  • Sound experience of implementing state-of-the-art technology of Weber Ultrasonics


Buffoli de Mexico

  • Buffoli de Mexico is a leading company in the manufacture of electroplating racks and sale of accessories for the electroplating industry.
    Your contact: Alessandro Zardini
    Phone +52 825 2440021

Kemet B.V.

  • Kemet Europe, as part of the Kemet Group, is a trading company that has a worldwide reputation for precision finishing especially high quality and accurate surface treatments. In addition to equipment and consumables, Kemet provides service and training.
    Your contact: Stijn Theunis
    Phone +31 (0)164-271700


  • Suzhou Recen Precision Machine Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the application of ultrasonic in the industrial field and offers ultrasonic equipment for metal spot welding, wire harness welding, wire harness terminal welding & ultrasonic mould.
    Your contact: Mr. Zhenfeng Chen
    Phone +86 (0)512-66319233


  • C-MAJ is specialised in implementing ultrasonic cleaning solutions and helps customer to chose the right product of the
    range to suit their tasks. C-MAJ provides either solvent cleaning equipments as well as aqueous cleaning machines.
    We insure after sale service, equipments maintenance and replacement on any brand of cleaning machines.

    Your contact: Christophe IATROPOULOS
    Phone +33 1 60 70 91 11


  • Ultratech offers quality solutions in the field of ultrasonic technologies and single-purpose machines like ultrasonic welders and cutters for plastics, textiles and food as well as ultrasonic sieving and washing. Ultratech develops, manufactures and refurbishs sonotrodes and boosters and offers a large service portfolio for generators and converters for ultrasonic welding of all brands and frequencies.

    Your contact: Libor Strejček
    Phone +420 608 173 427


  • Ultrasonic Innovation (US.I) offers customized ultrasonic solutions for industrial automation and materials processing with a focus on process optimization and environmental sustainability. Applications include welding, sewing and air purification with ultrasound.
    Your contact: Giuseppe Furlan
    Phone +39 3515 06959 18


  • Xfurth has been providing high quality in-house end-to-end service from design concept to manufacturing and maintenance since 2002. The portfolio includes a complete range of equipment, from tools to fixtures and special machines. Xfurth has a wealth of experience and provides advice and guidance in all areas of plastic welding technology.

    Your contact: Colin Coles
    Phone +44 1582 436000


  • Aerosec is a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and systems. The service portfolio includes consulting, installation and commissioning of new equipment, as well as various diagnostic tools and performance tests, also for existing equipment and third-party brands.
    Your contact: Stéphane HARANG
    Phone +33 2 35 28 45 64