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Ultrasonic Welding

Sonic Digital HS3 - Maximum FLexibility for all welding tasks

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SONIC DIGITAL HS3 – one Generator, optimal results
The high-performance Sonic Digital HS3 welding generators are the first choice for use in industrial installations. They achieve optimal results in both continuous and clocked welding processes.

Maximum Flexibility
Flexible installation, easy integration into control processes, as well as high efficiency and compatibility with other system components make the generators are also attractive for large plants.

Smart und innovativ
Intelligent functions such as the patented SonoScan for quick and precise determination of the Working frequency of the generator, the teach-in for the automatic determination of the control parameters of the connected welding stack and the compensation of frequency shifts in the event of temperature changes ensure simple operation and optimum operational safety.

Up to 2,000 W
20/30/35/40 kHz
Frequency range
Patented Function
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The specialist

Flexible, smart, powerful

Even when working with large batch sizes, welding with ultrasound ensures connections that comply with the very highest quality requirements. Our welding technologies are fit for Industry 4.0 and can be ideally integrated in automated production lines.

Continuous welding with ultrasound is the procedure of choice in many industries: for hygiene products such as nappies or panty liners, medical products including masks or sterile packaging, for air and fluid filters, roof underlays or disposable gloves.

Ultrasonic mask welding

Additional components

For Ultrasonic mask welding

In addition to the Sonic Digital HS3 welding generator, Weber Ultrasonics offers the complete product range such as boosters and converters made of titanium in various designs, as well customer and product specific welding sonotrodes. Welding sonotrodes are always developed by using the finite element method and are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, Titanium or sintered steel.


Clean, fast, reliable

Ultrasonic Welding

Shorter cycle times, greater process stability and better quality – welding with ultrasound has revolutionised modern production processes. The precise and reliable joining technology is a powerful innovation driver in many industry sectors. Customers can now choose from innovative combinations of materials. And uninterrupted welded joints have proven successful in continuous operation.

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