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Season´s Greetings

The last few years have been demanding for all of us in many respects, both in business and in our private lives. All the more we appreciate that you have placed your trust in us. Thank you!  We and all of our employees wish you a merry Christmas and a good start to a year full of positive experiences and success. This year, we are once again supporting the DKMS with a financial donation instead of gifts for our business partners.

With the courage of the tiger into the new year

Congratulations on the arrival of the Spring Festival and all our best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.

Doing good – donation instead of gifts

This year we have decided to forego gifts for you, our business partners, and instead to donate to the charity DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH. DKMS is dedicated to the fight against leukaemia and blood disorders since 1990.
In this way, we would like to help recruit as many people as possible as stem cell donors and thus give blood cancer patients a chance of a further life.


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Honored with the Global 2021 Award

Under the motto “Overcoming Borders, Opening Markets,” Weber Ultrasonics was recognized for its rapid response and adaptation to the global emergency situation for protective masks. “Change and adaptation are essential to the international challenges of our time. The family-run ultrasonic components company fulfills these criteria masterfully,” said Robert W. Huber, chairman of the jury and co-initiator of the award. The jury made its decision based on the criteria of innovation, key company figures, success, systematics, interculturalism and adaptation to foreign markets.

Appointment to the Senate of Economy Europe

Nathalie Etienne (CEO) was appointed as the first representative of the ultrasound industry and as the first woman from the region of Karlsbad, the Enzkreis and the city of Pforzheim to the nationwide committee “Senate of Economy”. This body promotes the exchange between business and politics on social issues. Karlsbad’s mayor Jens Timm also congratulated on the appointment at a small reception.

Happy Spring Festival

Congratulations on the arrival of the Spring Festival and all our best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.

Christmas is coming

2020 is drawing to a close. It was a year that challenged us all in many ways and which illustrated that major tasks can only be mastered together. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the enjoyable cooperation we have shared.

Warmest season’s greetings from all of our employees to you! We wish you a very merry Christmas, a year full of positivity, successes both professional and private, and of course good health.

Faster, more flexible and energy-saving laminating

Just like filter materials used for mask making or in the dust filter sector, roofing underlays are typically produced from various layers of material that are bonded to one another to create a web-shaped product. This can be done using various processes. One of the largest European producers of nonwoven fabrics and their end products relies on ultrasonic welding with technology from Weber Ultrasonics. The high productivity, flexibility, process reliability, and energy efficiency of the laminating solution were the key factors behind this decision.

Press Release

Winner of the German Brand Award 2020

A prize that makes brand successes visible! We are happy that the re-branding and the new brand strategy of Weber Ultrasonics has been awarded in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation Brand Design.” Many thanks to the team of GSVI for the support and creative implementation. The German Brand Award is a competition of the German Brand Institute. The institute was founded by ‘Rat für Formgebung’ and GMK Markenberatung in order to strengthen brand management as decisive success factor of companies. With the German Brand Award, the institute awards one of the most important German brand prizes.

To the winners (German page)

Textiles that protect their users – and help the environment

Effective, durable, and wash-resistant antimicrobial finishing of textiles such as work clothing for medical personnel, hospital beddings, or face masks can significantly reduce the risk of infection. Although work was already underway on this topic before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, it has certainly gained further momentum as a result of this crisis. Special textile finishing of this kind is made possible by a new, ultrasound-based process, the so-called Sono Finishing technology. It also offers great potential for minimizing the environmental problems typically associated with conventional textile finishing.

Press Release