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Fast, cost-effective and flexible welding processes

High production speed, increased quality and optimum process reliability – not only since the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease manufacturers of hygiene and medical products made of nonwovens rely on ultrasonic welding. Although wearing a face mask as self-protection for an infection with viruses is controversially discussed, ill persons can contribute to the protection of their environment by wearing a suitable mask. Ultrasonic welding systems from Weber Ultrasonics can be perfectly integrated into automated processes for the mass production of all types of mouth and respiratory protection masks made of nonwoven materials.

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Water-saving salad cleaning with ultrasound

Fresh, pre-packaged salads are among the most perishable foods due to their composition of cut plant parts and an often high natural germ load. At worst they can cause diseases or even food poisoning if the cold chain is interrupted on the way to the consumer. The MultiVegiClean project has developed a novel cleaning process that cleans lettuce and vegetables more effectively than before by using ultrasound. This ensures fewer germs in the final product, and also much lower water consumption.

Time to pause

The year is drawing to a close. We want to take this as an opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the enjoyable cooperation we have shared.

Warmest season´s greetings from all of our employees to you. We wish you a very merry Christmas, a year full of positivity, successes both professional and private, and of course good health.

Successful Pilot

The aim of the US4Greenchem project was to develop a biorefinery concept for the complete utilization of lignocellulosic biomass, which is energy- and cost-efficient and based exclusively on green technologies. By the combined ultrasonic and enzyme treatment of lignocellulosic raw materials, a substrate for sugar-based biotechnological applications can be obtained. At the end of March, the first pilot-scale trials were successfully carried out at the pilot plant in Finland.

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Ultrasound deburring wins “Jugend forscht” contest

Jonas Münz (16) and Jakob Rehberger (17) won for their project “ultraTEC – and the burr is gone” the prize of the Federal President at this year’s national competition “Jugend forscht”. Based on the patented Weber ultrasonic deburring system, the two students developed a method for Ulrich Medical in Ulm to deburr pedicle screws used in spinal injuries. Congratulations!


In collaboration with conveyor and process engineering system specialists Maschinenfabrik Dr. Ing. Gössling, Weber Ultrasonics developed an ultrasonic cleaning concept that cleans the screws individually in a continuous process.

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New electroplating plant put into operation

We congratulate the Changtai KEMEI Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd. for opening the new electroplating plant on November 14, 2018 in Zhangzhou City. The € 3.8 million plant for electroplating stainless steel and copper alloy bathroom accessories was completed in just 2 months´ time. Our SonoPower 3S ultrasonic generators are used for cleaning the fittings before the electroplating process. They allow the selection of individual programs for different materials and sizes via the integrated fieldbus interface, and ensure a first-class quality surface of the final product.

New approaches to reduce acrylamide in food

Acrylamide is a potentially carcinogenic substance that forms from the naturally occurring components asparagine and sugar in starchy foods when cooked at higher temperatures and low humidity (such as baking, roating or frying). Since April 2018, the new EU Regulation 2017/2158, requires from
Food companies to reduce the acrylamide content in their products. Weber Ultrasonics, as one of the 14 founding members of the “acrylamide” network, is involved in the research project to comply with mandatory benchmarks through process innovation.


Environmentally friendly and healthy by bicycle

As part of the RadPENDLER BW campaign in Karlsbad, 372 cyclists in 30 teams completed a total of 76,074 km of cycling in one month which is equally to 1.9 times the length of the equator, avoiding 10,803 kgCO2 emissions. Our 12 cyclists finished with 2,134 environmentally friendly and athletically covered kilometers to work a great second place.